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Headland Cattery Boarding for cats Seaford East Sussex Now Open
Terms and Conditions

Headland Cattery Boarding for Cats, Seaford, East Sussex. Call 01323 899069 or email

Your cat's vaccinations must be up to date and have been administered at least 7 days prior to boarding. This MUST include Feline Enteritis and Influenza. A copy of your cat's inoculation card MUST be provided. This is usually taken when your cat is first registered with us. Proof will then be required after each year, or once your cat has had its annual boosters. Male cats over 8 months old that have not been neutered will not be allowed to board.

Your cat MUST arrive in a secure cat basket/box. It should be wormed and clear of fleas upon arrival. You MUST notify us if your cat has been ill or been seen by a veterinary surgeon within the 72 hours prior to boarding with us. We reserve the right to refuse admission of any cat showing signs of ill health and will seek advice from our veterinary surgeon. We currently use Beechwood Veterinary Surgery in Seaford. For out of hours veterinary treatment our nearest hospital for emergency's is Vet Call Brighton Clinic, Montague Place, Brighton. Treatment and medication will be carried out if deemed necessary by a veterinary surgeon. Our main concern is that your cat is healthy, happy and content whilst in our care. You will be obliged to settle ALL veterinary fees and charges incurred direct with the Veterinary Surgery that has treated your cat on the day of your cat's departure.

If your boarded cat has not been collected within 7 days of its departure date and you have not contacted us, and we have not heard from anyone regarding the extended stay of your cat then we have the right to make alternative arrangements for your pet. We reserve the right to charge for any unauthorised extended boarding at the current daily rate plus 50%.

A deposit of £25 per cat secures your booking. Deposits are non-refundable. You will be charged boarding for the day of arrival and departure. A surcharge will apply for cats boarded Bank Holidays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. There will also be a surcharge if you want your single cat to occupy a family size pen on its own. All bookings MUST be paid for on arrival of the stay. You will not receive a refund should you like to collect your pet earlier than the date and time arranged. Whilst we take extra care here at Headland Cattery all cats are boarded at the owners risk and no responsibility can be taken.

Cancellation Policy: A deposit of 25 per cat is required within 7 days of you making your reservation in order to secure your booking. If a deposit is not received then your pen may be booked by somebody else. Please note ALL deposits are non-refundable.

  • Deposits for bookings cancelled or re-scheduled will not be transferred.
  • Cancellations within 7 days of your agreed arrival date will be liable to pay full payment for your booking.
  • Cancellations within 8-14 days of your agreed arrival date will be charged a minimum of 3 days stay per cat.
  • Please note if you have had to cancel your booking for whatever reason you may be able to reclaim any of the above charges from your holiday insurance.
  • Please note you will not be entitled to a refund should you wish to collect your cat/s earlier than planned.
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Headland Cattery Boarding for cats Seaford East Sussex Now Open